The 4 Day Nijmegen March and how to accomplish it.

~2011 Team~
I may organize a team if there is enough interest over the next several months:
from Aug 2010-Feb 2011.

 Contact me if Nijmegen Marching interests you.
Needed: 12-18 people

A team 'uniform' will be designed, includes my gear description for equipment and a custom moisture wicking shirt with a logo. But...ultimately you choose your own gear to meet your own needs. We could be represented or sponsored by a company or non-profit and wear thier colors and logo?

We'll see, it's starting as an idea now, but I finished Nijmegen as an individual @50km and as a military team member so I feel ready to do this. 

Anyone want to train starting February 2011?
1) Have 1 day a week off to train 8AM-8PM (Saturdays or Sundays)
2) Have 2 weekends open to train in June. 8AM-8PM (Saturdays & Sundays)
3) Have the last week of July off to do the event: July 17-24.
4) Have a personal budget of $5,500.00 or sponsorship to cover costs (up front.)
5) Be healthy and strong enough to walk 30 miles in 50 degree rain or 95 degree sun for days in a row.
6) Have stamina enough to walk 4, 30 mile days in a row. (the average age in this event = 53)
7) Learn first aid self care for blister treatment, it goes with the territory, you will blister.
8) Stay on the program, making all meetings, no interruptions or you may get soft skin and fall behind.
9) Arrange transportation & housing to/from and in Nijmegen, Holland. (4 Days Bed.)
10) Stick to the program no matter how hard it gets...former military/sports team members a big plus.


Everything you need to know for a happy healthy march...

Consultation to finish the event, donations.
If you would like to go after this personal acheivement, I'd be happy to help any step of the way to give you the information needed. Even if your physically fit, you'll need considerable strength of mind to complete this event. Consult my experience at any time if you choose to be a marcher or orderly.

Please donate to my expenses in return, per each question or situation you need an answer for. Thank you.

Want to go to Nijmegen?
*If you are interested in marching as a team in 2011, please email me...address below.

You must be an above average athlete or have the potential to be to accomplish this with an undeterred determination and can face almost anything physical long term and repetitive.

(for example blazing sun with no breeze or pouring rain for 5 hours+ uphill with blister pain, day after day.)

I have qualified a few times for this event and have got feet that are prone to injury,
so I'm experienced helping even the most injury prone person.

If I can do can do it.

Thanks a lot...
William J Hunter


~Time & money well spent~
You'll get fit and take part in the largest walking fitness event in the world, not only that...
it's an official event where you'll earn a medal from the Dutch government.


All ages in Holland welcome you as a marcher, especially American, you won't regret coming here and you'll want to come back again after finishing the event the first time. 

Bye for this year....