The 4 Day Nijmegen March and how to accomplish it.

~Rules & Documentation~

KNBLO rules for the event...
know them or risk disqualification...

1) Religious, political, sexual viewpoints forbidden from being 'broadcasted.'
2) No cheating: running or shortcutting or getting rides.
3) No doping with performance enhancing drugs.
4) No soliciting: advertising of businesses.
5) No bullying or harassing of other marchers for any reason.
6) You must get your bar code card scanned at start and finish.
7) You must get your punch card punched at all control points to prove you did the distance.
8) You must make it to the starting line on time.
9) You must pay all registration fees.
10) You must have your passport for identification.
11) You must make it into the central Wedron, start/finish point within 12 hours day 1-3 and in 13 hours day 4.
12) Women must keep their tops on, it is Europe but it's not the beach.


Your Passport, map, a reliable watch and all your train, plane and bus connections to and from made on time. Without these tickets, documentation and an accurate timepiece, your event will fail.